Engraved brick campaigns are a great way to raise funds for capital projects. However, it is important to consider the legal aspects of this type of fundraising.

The OAG notes that NASWVC engaged Brick Mill and Rivers to serve as fundraising counsel and to establish a new charity, DVNF, for the purposes of testing out two simultaneous direct mail campaigns.

Legal Issues

Brick fundraising campaigns are a unique way to recognize donors for a particular project. These projects are usually building projects or physical improvements, like a restoration of a park band stand or a new high school football stadium. The campaign allows donors to see the brick path or plaza grow as more and more engraved bricks are sold, which draws in prospective supporters and encourages current ones to make additional contributions.

Often, the bricks are placed in a walkway or plaza that is adjacent to the specific construction project. This provides a visible reminder of the organization’s appreciation for its donors and is also a source of pride for the organization. Depending on the nature of the project, there may be other locations where bricks can be placed, such as in a memorial garden or in a commemorative wall in front of a historic site.

When a nonprofit organization conducts a brick paver campaign, it must be aware of the legal considerations and potential ethical pitfalls. In addition to charitable solicitation laws, the organization must be aware of intellectual property rights, records management and tax law issues.

In order to avoid legal and ethical problems, it is important for a nonprofit organization to have a lawyer review its brick fundraising agreement. This will help ensure that the contract complies with local, state and national fundraising regulations, including licensing, disclosure requirements and use of funds. In addition, the lawyer will ensure that the contract addresses the proper handling of personal data and any other sensitive information.

The lawyer will also assist the nonprofit with complying with email and communication laws, such as CAN-SPAM and the GDPR. In addition, the lawyer will help the nonprofit understand its obligations with respect to its donors’ personal privacy.


Brick fundraising campaigns are a great way for nonprofits to raise money for special projects. These projects can include everything from parks and memorials to school expansions and renovations. These fundraisers are easy to organize and can be an effective way to increase the visibility of a nonprofit organization. However, there are some legal issues that need to be addressed before starting a brick campaign.

A major issue with this type of fundraising is that donors will often want to engrave their names and other information on the bricks. This creates a number of legal and design problems for the nonprofit. For example, the engravings must be in compliance with zoning laws and building codes. In addition, the engraved bricks must not interfere with any existing structures.

To overcome this issue, it is important to find a company like Polar Engraving that can provide you with high-quality, durable bricks suitable for engraving. The company you choose should also be able to help you with the marketing, promotion, and installation of your brick fundraising project.

Another important consideration is that you need to make sure that you have enough bricks to reach your fundraising goals. This is crucial to your success, as it will affect how many people you can reach with your fundraising campaign. If you have too few bricks, it will be difficult to sell them all.

In order to ensure the success of your fundraising campaign, you should use a committee of key supporters. These members should be able to reach out to their own networks, as well as yours. This will help you raise more money and make a bigger impact on your community. Additionally, you should use clean, professional materials to market the brick campaign to your prospects. This will help you avoid confusion and miscommunication.


If your church is planning a major renovation or building project, you may want to consider running a “Buy A Brick” fundraising campaign. In this type of fundraiser, donors contribute money in exchange for their name being engraved on a brick. Typically, givers must reach a certain threshold in order to have their name engraved.

Engraving donor names is the responsibility of the fundraising group, and it is not guaranteed that the name spellings will be accurate. Donors are encouraged to review the text file document containing their name prior to the production of the engraved brick to verify that it is correct.

Many charitable and nonprofit organizations use these campaigns to raise money for a variety of projects. These can include everything from a new playground to a veterans memorial. These campaigns can help reduce the pressure on future annual capital and maintenance campaigns by raising funds in the form of deferred gifts.


Regardless of the size and scope of a fundraising campaign, it’s important to have liability insurance. It protects against damages incurred as the result of a mishap or other unforeseen issue during the event. Fundraising experts recommend purchasing a general business policy, as well as individual policies for any volunteers or contractors who may be working on the project. It’s also a good idea to have contracts that outline who is responsible for what in the event of an unexpected dispute or legal action.

Brick fundraisers are a creative way to raise money for nonprofit organizations and community projects. Donors purchase personalized bricks or tiles that are engraved with their names, messages, or logos and used to create a walkway or other permanent structure. The campaign can be a great way to honor loved ones, celebrate milestones, or raise money for a specific need.

When planning a brick fundraising campaign, it’s important to choose an installation area and establish sales goals early on. This will help you determine the number of bricks or tiles needed and how much to charge for them. It’s also a good idea for groups to leave room in the installation area for future expansion or add-ins, such as benches or plantings.

Another crucial consideration is to work with a professional brick mason and engraving company. Make sure the company has experience in designing and installing fundraising projects, and ask for examples of past successes. You should also inquire about the engraving process and turnaround time, as this will have a direct impact on how your project will look. In addition, it’s important to know if the company offers warranty coverage on all projects.


In order to protect your organization against litigation and ensure accountability, it is best to draft a contract with any professional fundraiser. This contract will establish the terms and conditions of the relationship, including the fundraising activities and strategies that will be used, as well as provide for penalties should the solicitor violate any provisions of the contract or state regulations. The contract should also clearly specify the duration of the fundraising campaign and include any terms and conditions relating to the funds raised.

Laser engraved bricks and pavers are an extremely popular way to raise money for many types of projects, and can be installed in many different ways, depending on your organization’s goals. They are a permanent reminder of the generosity and support from your donors, and a great marketing tool for future fundraising campaigns.

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